Do you run a reading platform for leisure, educational or professional reading? Use the Immer Reading System as a developer tool or whitelabel service to reach more readers, who read and spend more.

What are some of the use cases?

  • Develop a mobile reading app to engage your customers more
  • Upgrade your existing solution to stand out from the competition
  • Add book previews to your website
  • Add an e-book reader to your audiobook app
  • Offer a new type of stories, chapter-based with pay-to-read
  • Try different reading styles and discover what’s most effective for your audience

How do I get started?

Either let your development team implement our tools, or use our out-of-the-box whitelabel solution. Do you have any custom requirements? Get in touch!

Web tools

We process your books, you integrate our SDK in your website


App tools

We process your books, you integrate our SDK in your mobile app


Whitelabel app

We process your books and deliver and publish a full branded app

What’s in each tier?

Web toolsApp toolsWhitelabel
Immer Semantic Engine API
Immer Reading Experience SDK – Web
Immer Reading Experience SDK – App
Customer Insight
App front-end
Whitelabel app publishing service

How does it work?

Immer Reading System
  • Just connect your e-book catalog and the Immer Semantic Engine API processes and analyzes it automatically, at scale, on our servers
  • The API outputs analyzed books as optimized text packages, which are then fed into the SDK that runs in the client application
  • Your development team integrates the SDK in a new or existing (web) app, or we deliver it to you within a full mobile app, with our whitelabel publishing service
Immer Semantic Engine API
  • The API offers full access control, letting you implement different business models including à la carte book sales, subscriptions, lending and pay-to-read
  • Designed for security: ePub files never enter the user device
Customer Insight
  • Get actionable analytics of how readers read your books, in our Customer Insight module
  • Reading analytics feed back into the Immer Semantic Engine’s analysis, continually improving the system
Immer Reading Experience SDK
  • We offer the SDK in versions for the web or mobile (Android en iOS), as development tools or as part of our whitelabel solution
  • The SDK allows for personalized, beautiful text rendering, that’s different based on the reader’s skill and preferences – but always with deep respect for the source text
  • The reading experience includes best-in-class reading tools like the book navigator, emoji notes and session summaries
  • Developed with accessibility in mind: Dyslexia font and text-to-speech available
Whitelabel app publishing service
  • The whitelabel service also includes the app around the reading experience: Book library, news feed, notifications
  • While we do most of the work, your team manages content, user data, and user content