Immer is an award-winning social company that’s 100% dedicated to revolutionizing digital reading, we’re always researching & developing to improve and expand our technology

Are you an author, publisher, distributor, bookseller, librarian, teacher, reading promoter or researcher? Are you a reader? At Immer we strive to make digital books read better, to the benefit of everyone in the reading ecosystem.

We care deeply about digital reading. Reading is unique, a medium you digest at your own pace, amplified by your imagination, helping you learn and empathize (among various other proven benefits). Modern technology can help spread reading more widely, improving society as a whole – we stand behind the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4.

We’d been researching digital reading for a decade before founding Immer in April 2020. Since then, we’ve launched a proof of concept consumer app, validated its effect with scientists, won a bunch of international prizes, and built the Immer Reading System to bring what we’ve learned to anyone who needs it.

And it feels like we’re just getting started!

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2022 🇩🇪


Our team bridges technology and reading

Niels ’t Hooft

Founder & CEO


Lennart de Meij

Founder & CTO


Tim Hengeveld

User Experience


Marc Vekemans



Cindy Eijspaart



Spencer Williams

lead engineer


Bram Ruiter





Jury Report 2022

“Convincing, comprehensible and certainly disruptive for the industry.”

Renew the Book

Jury report 2021

“A unique integrated concept with an enormous potential for growth.”

Apple App Store

Feature article

“This e-reading app makes it simpler than ever to dedicate time to reading.”

Alexander Klöpping

Podcast over media

“Immer develops the native experience for a book on the phone.”



“It’s already 10× better than Apple Books.”

Arnon Grunberg


“Immer reads so well, it increases the happiness of the reader.”

Deirdre Cassado

Utrecht Library

“Immer puts each sentence on a pedestal.”

Roel Willems

Radboud University

“A great opportunity for reading promotion.”

Maven Publishing

book Publisher

‘Immer is easily the most innovative book company in The Netherlands.”.’