The Immer Reading System enables better reading apps in any context, whether you sell or lend out books, for leisure or learning

Social book reading for young adults

Club Lees promo

Club Lees is a social book reading app for young adults, successfully launched in The Netherlands by Dutch public broadcaster VPRO with help from IN10. Each month members read one annotated book together, for free. The Immer Reading System powers the reading experience, including social notes.

Research tools for academic reading studies

NWO Universiteit Utrecht LeesEvolutie

‘Reading Evolution’ is an 8-year study of how children learn to read under the influence of digital tools. Building on the Immer Reading System, we’re developing a research tool to let the scientists offer custom reading configurations to test subjects, and track the effects.

Let’s take it from here together

The Immer Reading System is context-agnostic. No matter where, why and how people read, we help them do it more often, longer, and with more attention.

Use our system to build amazing reading experiences for à la carte book sales, subscriptions, library lending, educational reading, professional publishing, reading promotion campaigns, and much more. Whether you run a platform and look to boost it, or want to start something new.

Immer delivers the core technology, you shape the application on top for the audience you know best.

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