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Immer serves even more readers with B2B reading technology – and ends Reader early access 

Immer serves even more readers with B2B reading technology – and ends Reader early access 

As of today, April 14, 2023, the Immer Reader early access and Dutch Immer app have concluded. From now on, Immer will make it easy for reading platforms from institutions and companies to use its reading technology, giving even more readers a better reading experience.

In other words, we’re focusing on the business market (B2B), and not on the individual reader. Below we explain what this means for you.

Cooperation with digital reading platforms

We are still working, with full conviction, on our new way of digital reading, based on scientific insights.

Immer will become a B2B technology company and will license its technologies for a superior reading experience to reading platforms. In other words: all companies and institution that offer digital books (or other long-form text) to readers – such as online bookstores, or libraries, educational institutions and trade publishers – can ‘rent’ the Immer reading technology and integrate it into their own sites and apps. As a result, their readers, from home readers to students to professional readers, can benefit from the Immer way of reading with any digital book they read.

In this way, Immer helps many more people, in all kinds of environments and situations, to read more, with more joy. And with that, a centralized Immer (Reader) app is no longer needed. As of today, the Immer Reader early access has ended and the Dutch Immer app is no longer available in the iOS and Android stores.

For practical information on the latter, please refer to the Dutch version of this blog post.

What we learned from our readers and testers

We launched the first version of our app at the end of 2020, and thanks to the enthusiasm of our readers to read books in it and give us feedback, we were able to keep building. And through all those people who used the app extensively in their daily lives, we learned a lot about different types of readers. We’ve also been able to extensively test our engine that analyzes ePub files and converts them to our unique reading format. Thanks for that!

As mentioned, our plans for the Immer Reader, aimed at international ‘heavy’ e-book users, have also changed. After a successful small-scale test last year, we decided to incorporate the technology behind the Immer Reader and the feedback from early access readers into the Immer Reading System for business customers. We would also like to thank that group of fans.

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