News October 20, 2023 1 min reading time

VPRO’s Club Lees launches with the Immer Reading System

VPRO’s Club Lees launches with the Immer Reading System

We’re happy to share that Immer is collaborating with VPRO and IN10 on the online book club ‘Club Lees’, in which all of the Netherlands can read a book together each month for free, on the smartphone. The app is available now, so download it quickly (on iPhone or Android) and start reading – that is, if your Dutch is good enough.

Four young Dutch celebrities read along too, and post their thoughts in the margins, including memes, videos and articles. As a reader, you can then respond to these, or you can start your own club and invite friends to delve deeper into the book together. All readers can talk amongst themselves in the app or on social media, and the month ends with a digital meet-up.

Club Lees is all about good stories, a love for reading and the things that happen in the margins of a book. Club Read reads everything: from Young Adult fiction to poetry, from literary novels to sci-fi, from non-fiction to an exciting thriller.

The app was built by VPRO and IN10, and Immer delivers the reading experience. This makes it the first public application of the Immer Reading System, with our portions, reading styles, book navigator, group annotations and so much more – all completely in the style of VPRO’s Club Read. We will definitely read along, will you too?

The club members are, from left to right, Hanneke van der Paardt, Lemuël de Graav, Noah de Campos Neto and Naaz (photo by Tengbeh Kamara).